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Kitchen On Premise POS Display System



Increase Speed of Service, Kitchen Efficiency and Reduce Errors



The Micros Kitchen Display On Premise Systems (KDS) elevates food service operations to the next level by  providing an intuitive order display for food preparation, monitoring the guest experience in terms of service, and providing objective, measurable feedback to management.


A graphically-oriented software application available as On Premise POS solution that displays and monitors food orders as they enter the kitchen, the KDS system dramatically improves performance both in front and back-of-house.


Micros Kitchen POS Display System showing a pc with status orders



Features & Benefits:


  • Intuitively displays food orders sent to the kitchen for preparation
  • Monitors the timing of the orders
  • Provides order and table status feedback
  • Control everything by running your local server
  • Captures service times for reporting and analysis

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